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Like It Or Not

Jan 28, 2021

Winter Storm Warning, Fitness Goals, Fan Letters, Resigning from battling fellow humans and much more!

Jan 21, 2021

Join us as we have an honest conversation with the Sheriff of Mendocino County, Matt Kendall! Local and national issues, Cannabis, what it's like being Sheriff, another "Like it or Not" segment and lots more!

Jan 14, 2021

This week on the podcast we welcome the mighty Mo Mulheren! Mo Mulheren has been recently elected as Mendocino County's 2nd District Supervisor and we talked with her about homeless, cannabis, vaccines and much more!

Jan 7, 2021

Ian Powell is an entrepreneur, a farmer, a father and a 4th generation Mendonisean. Join us for a great conversation about his life journey, positive self motivation and much more!